Save over £2,000 in energy bills with a Cussins home


Save over £2,000 in energy bills with a Cussins home

By swapping to a Cussins home you could save yourself over £2,000 a year on your energy bills*

There are many reasons to choose a new build, including superb build quality, and of course, you can choose your own specifications to make sure your home works for you and looks exactly the way you dreamed.

But, one of the biggest reasons to opt for a new build is energy efficiency. Whether the snow is swirling outside your window or rain is pattering against the panes, our energy-efficient features mean keeping cosy in your new Cussins home is easy and affordable.

In a time of rising energy prices, a key part of our commitment to you is to help keep your energy bills as low as possible, while ensuring our homes are kind to the environment.

With our new-build homes being more energy efficient than older buildings, this means much lower bills for you, less wasted energy and a reduced carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for your family finances and the environment, which must surely give you a warm glow of satisfaction. 

Why buy a new build?

New build home buyers are saving over £500 million a year in energy bills and collectively reducing carbon emissions by over 500,000 tonnes. On average, buyers of new homes save over £2,000 on household bills per property each year, equivalent to £173 a month.

  • New build properties save an average of just over £2,000 per property each year, with the average annual running costs for a new build totalling £1,500 as compared to an average of £3,570 for older properties. These savings rise to £2,600 a year when looking at new build houses alone, rather than smaller properties such as flats.

Find your new energy-efficient home today at our highly sought-after developments.