Unique Design

At Cussins, we’re incredibly particular about where we build. And, because we only choose locations which are outstanding, we make sure the homes we build on them are exceptional too.

You’ll find that no two Cussins developments are the same. We never build identikit housing and we don’t even work with the same architects every time. That’s because we seek out the most talented architects who are best suited to design each of our individual developments, whether in the country, coast or city.

We choose architects who can work with us to design homes which are both sensitive to their surroundings and tailored to the market, whether we are building slick city pads or five-bedroom family houses in the heart of the countryside.

Our design and construction teams work hand-in-hand to create homes which reflect and enhance the architecture of each area. The finished result is always a polished, stylish, high specification home which, above all, is as individual as you and your family.

Build Quality

Ever since Cussins was established in the 1920s, our name has become synonymous with superb build quality. It’s a reputation we’re very proud to hold. Our diverse portfolio of prestigious developments stands testament to the meticulous care and the attention-to-detail which goes into every build. And, we’re devoted to continuing to raise the bar when it comes to quality standards.

We only work with the very best tradespeople, who can build and fit to our very exacting standards. Over the decades, we’ve built up an in-house team of talented craftsmen and women, many of whom have been with us for most of their careers, honing their skills on every build we do to create a finish which is second-to-none.

With every development, the utmost care goes into sourcing building materials which are of the highest quality and which perfectly suit each project location. Our materials, including heritage brick, sandstone and slate, are often sourced locally and our 10-year warranties give you further peace of mind.


Energy Efficiency

There are many reasons to choose a new build, including incentives such as Help to Buy and, of course, the fact you can choose your own specifications to make sure your home works for you as well as looking exactly the way you dreamed.

But, one of the biggest reasons to opt for a new build is energy efficiency. Whether snow is swirling outside your window or rain is pattering against the panes, our energy efficient features mean keeping cosy in your new home is easy and affordable.

In a time of rising fuel prices, a key part of our commitment to you is to help keep your energy bills as low as possible, while ensuring our homes are kind to the environment. All of our homes incorporate low-energy lighting, improved insulation and argon filled double-glazing as standard to let heat in and keep cold out. In addition to this we maximise natural light wherever possible with generous-sized window openings.

With our new-build homes being more energy efficient than older buildings, this means much lower bills for you, less wasted energy and a reduced carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for your family finances and the environment, which must surely give you a warm glow of satisfaction.